Patek always takes customers’ need as our first consideration of design. The focus of tool design is user-friendly, durable and easy to maintain. Patek also has a completed fastening system to support Patek’s tools.

With three decades of expertise in the construction industry, we founded our R&D department in 2001, paving the way for the establishment of our cutting-edge CDMS (Contract Design and Manufacturing Service). Our extensive range of processes encompasses stamping, investment casting, die casting, gravity casting, powder metal, MIM, injection molding, CNC, extrusion, thermoforming, and more. We proudly serve a diverse array of industries, including construction, electronic information manufacturing, semiconductor, chemical, entertainment, testing equipment, and automotive.

What sets us apart is not just our proficiency in R&D and prototyping capability, but also our fully equipped assembly lines. This ensures we meet our clients’ needs for high-quality finished products while optimizing management costs.

To ensure the safety and security of cargo during transit, Patek is currently in the process of obtaining AEO certification from Customs, guaranteeing smoother clearance procedures and heightened cargo protection for all the valued clients.

For those clients with consistently high demand and a need for reliable delivery date, Patek offers warehousing services in nearby areas, ensuring prompt and on-time delivery.

Moreover, as the world focuses on achieving Net-Zero Emissions, Patek leads the charge. We proudly obtained Greenhouse & Carbon Footprint certification in 2023, showcasing our dedication to environmental sustainability.

Join us at Patek and experience innovation and efficiency like never before.

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