Mr. C. S. Chen originally established Yen I Precision Machinery Co. in Taichung, Taiwan. This initial venture was dedicated to producing components and assemblies for textile and precision machinery.

After a thorough evaluation, in 1994, Mr. Chen launched Patek Pneumatics and the company focus on the manufacture of pneumatic tools and associated products, setting a clear future direction for the enterprise. In pursuit of propelling the company’s growth, Mr. Chen synergized the expertise of research and development, engineering, management, and marketing teams in the early 2000s.

In 1998, we determined to invest in development of Patek Professional Fastening System.

Beginning with a commitment to exemplary user care, we have established and perfected our line of highly profitable, professional pneumatic nailers, staplers, and fastening systems, tailored to empower our distributors. In line with this, to adapt to the dramatic changes in the global supply chain environment, we have recently expanded our operations. This includes the establishment of factories in Thailand and Vietnam and setting up warehouses in some regions, enhancing our global reach and ensuring timely delivery to our clients. Moreover, with representatives stationed in Lyon, France, and Nanjing, China, we are strategically positioned to offer superior service to our customers in these continents.

Currently, the company thrives under the diligent stewardship of the second and third generations, who are seamlessly managing its operations and extending our business into semiconductor, concert loudspeaker, commercial kitchen, and testing equipment industry.

Our manufacturing capabilities are robust, encompassing all key components made from a variety of materials including, but not limited to, metal, plastic, and rubber. A cornerstone of our company’s strength lies in our adeptness at establishing assembly lines and ensuring the quality of the assemblies. This proficiency extends beyond pneumatic tools and fastening systems, as we also offer comprehensive services in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM), and integral strategic solutions to supply chain tailor to customers’ needs.

Embodying our unwavering commitment, “Innovation Never Stops, Quality Never Compromises, Service Never Hesitates,” we hold this creed close to our hearts, as it encapsulates our promise to deliver perpetual excellence to our customers.

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